Sustainability and Environmental Impact

Griff Cottage was fully refurbished in 2020 with its  environmental impact very high on our priorities.

The refurbishment itself used only local contractors and artists, local suppliers and where possible local manufacturers.  It wasn’t possible to source everything we needed locally but the kitchen, beds, taps, stairs carpet, decking, headboard and sandstone were all manufactured in Yorkshire with the majority of white goods British made.  The re-build also focused on making the property as energy efficient as possible, insulation was added to all outer walls, between all floors and in the loft and ceiling spaces as well as installing new energy efficient double glazing.  The heating system is A rated with a smart management platform and every radiator has a TRV.  All internal and external lights in the property are LED and indeed if every single light was turned on in the house, garden and garage the electricity usage would be less than a single 100W light bulb.  All of the appliances in the house were selected with their energy rating of paramount performance and with the exception of the tumble dryer located in the garage all are at least A+.  The tumble dryer was selected as the best energy rating we could get but we also chose to have a separate dryer rather than a washer dryer to have guests walk past an environmentally friendly washing line in order to use it.

Staying sustainable

Moving from refurbishment to being live as a business these values remain, we actively promote local businesses, public transport and the area through our website.  Cleaning methods and products are selected to be as environmentally friendly as possible including washing and dishwasher tablets provided in plastic free packaging, we also actively encourage recycling.  A single piece of paper is used to welcome guests with the house manual and other information available on a website, we have found this to be more convenient as well as being better for the environment.